What type of paint is used in the kit?

The Fridge Artist kit contains non-toxic acrylic paint.

Paint colors are separated into four .70 oz. cups containing: (1) Ultramarine Blue, (1) Crimson Red, (1) Yellow, and (1) White. 

A color chart is included in all kits to teach kids about mixing colors!

Remember, a little water goes a long way when using acrylics.

Can other types of paint be used on the canvases?

Yes! Tempera Paint, Watercolor Paint, and even Magic Markers have been tested on the flat canvases provided in the kit; but, acrylic paint traditionally gives the best coverage on the canvas material provided. 

What age is this for?

Anyone age 3 and up!

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Currently, Fridge Art only ships to locations within the U.S.